Earthquake in Washington – Are YOU prepared?

Earthquake in Washington – Are YOU prepared?

Earthquake in Washington – Are YOU prepared?

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The Japan earthquake brings this question to the forefront for Washington residents. Are you prepared for an earthquake or other natural disaster? What would you do? The 8.9 Japan earthquake was a 1000 times stronger then the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake in 2001. Seismologists predict this magnitude of earthquake will hit our region some time in the future. It is not a matter of if, but when!

You may think a home inspector would be prepared? Well, I fall into the 50% category of people who have some things ready but I am not fully prepared. Studies show 75% of Washington State residents are not prepared for an earthquake. The Japan earthquake has motivated me to become more prepared and practice a plan with my family.

Road damaged in 2001 Nisqually earthquake

The best first step in becoming ready for an earthquake is to have at least three days of water, food and shelter to survive until aid arrives. The link below is a great resource for supplies and actions to be prepared:

Is your house vulnerable in an earthquake? Building codes have improved over the years, but any age house can be vulnerable in an earthquake. Retrofitting older houses helps them survive an earthquake with less damage. The link below is good references for retrofitting house:

An earthquake may not happen for 100 years in our area or it may happen next week. The time is now, get prepared!!

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