Brad is an honest, detail-orientated, and knowledgeable inspector. We were referred to Brad by our broker and have asked him to pre-inspect multiple Seattle homes. Each time he has walked us through the homes, explained clearly what he has observed every step of the way, and addressed all of our questions thoroughly. He is efficient at his work and also provided us a detailed report. By the end of the pre-inspection, we always feel that we are extremely well-informed about the house and usually have learned something new. We would gladly recommend his service to any of our friends and look forward to continue working with him as we continue our house search.

Jimmy, Wendy, and Emily

My realtor called Brad in for ASAP pre inspections, so I got to work with him twice. He was prompt, honest, knowledgeable, eager to show and share what he was finding. He was flexible with my whims and handled them in a kind, fair and human way. I LOVED watching him work. I learned so much from him, it was fascinating! I would like to apprentice with him and learn even more. His explanations and then written report are a great road-map for your home-care. I highly recommend this expert at what he does and a great guy to spend a few hours with, while learning about your home, to boot.


When my wife and I were looking for houses, we hired Brad to inspect several different homes. His work was extremely thorough and his detailed reports were a huge help as we evaluated which house to buy and what the maintenance costs might be. He was also happy to walk us through the reports and explain aspects of construction that we didn’t understand. I have recommended him to several friends and they have all been happy with his work. I will definitely hire him again the next time we move.

Justin, Seattle

When selecting an inspector for my first condo purchase in downtown Seattle, I leaned heavily on my realtor. She recommended a few options but Brad’s website and prompt response to my inquiry won my business. After meeting Brad in person and following along every step of the way during the inspection, I felt my decision was justified. He was timely, thoroughly, knowledgeable, friendly, and gladly explained the entire inspection process. Since I was purchasing a condo in a new building, Brad also made sure that I fully understood the larger structural issues to examine. On top of his great service, his fees were reasonable and I would gladly recommend his service to any of my friends during their purchases.

Thanks! Dorian

Brad has all the qualities I look for when recommending a home inspector to a client–.knowledge, personality, and communication skills! Also full narrative easy to read inspection reports that not only point out deficiencies, but also educate homebuyers!

Bruce, Lynnwood

As a first time home buyer and not knowing much about buying a home, I followed my real estate agent’s advice. She suggested using Rainer Inspections, Inc. and knowing nothing else I said sure. Brad was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain every last detail to me as we slowly went through the house. I had a great experience and felt confident in the home I was buying.

Kathryn, West Seattle

I always feel my clients are in the safest of hands with Brad Albin. He possesses an incredible eye for detail and has prevented my buyers from inheriting many hidden defects that other inspectors would have easily missed. He has my highest recommendation.

Kelland, Seattle