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  • Aluminum Wiring
    Aluminum Wiring

    Aluminum branch circuit wiring can pose a fire hazard at the connections. This type of testing which is beyond the scope of Washington Licensed Home Inspector. These defects can be difficult to identify without further investigation by a licensed electrician. For more information on aluminum wiring, write to “Publications Request, US Consumer Product Safety Commission,…

  • Zinsco Breaker Panels
    Zinsco Breaker Panels

    Zinsco electric breakers and panels are common, but the quality of the components used to build the panels and breakers are substandard. This brand of panel has had numerous failures, resulting in electrical fires. Much of the potential damage and problems with these panels is hidden from a visual inspection. For this reason most home…

  • LP Siding
    LP Siding

    Louisiana-Pacific Inner-Seal (LP), siding has a history of failure from moisture intrusion since it’s introduction in 1985. The siding failures are caused by product failure and incorrect installation. The most common mode of failure is swelling of the siding from moisture intrusion. A class action lawsuit against Louisiana-Pacific was settled in 1996, which entitles home…

  • Failed Pabco Roofing
    Failed Pabco Roofing

    Pabco HO-25 and HZ-25 shingles are installed on many houses around the Puget Sound region (Seattle) of Western Washington. These shingles prematurely fail due to a manufacturers defect. The roof shingles randomly crack across the surface. The affected shingles were sold between 1984 and 1997. A class action settlement regarding these shingles has been issued….

  • Earthquake in Washington – Are YOU prepared?
    Earthquake in Washington – Are YOU prepared?

    The Japan earthquake brings this question to the forefront for Washington residents. Are you prepared for an earthquake or other natural disaster? What would you do? The 8.9 Japan earthquake was a 1000 times stronger then the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake in 2001. Seismologists predict this magnitude of earthquake will hit our region some time in…

  • Bank Owned Properties – What you NEED to know.
    Bank Owned Properties – What you NEED to know.

    A home buyer should not depend on a bank appraisal to protect them from structural problems in a house. Appraisers are looking out for the bank’s interest and not the buyer’s. Also, appraisers are not trained or licensed as home inspectors. In order to qualify for an FHA loan, for a bank owned property, the…

  • Is Your Deck Safe Or Unsafe?
    Is Your Deck Safe Or Unsafe?

    Deck Inspection Week 2011 Do you know your deck? To learn more aDo ybout your deck and the safety issues which may exist. Hello Homeowners – Summer is right around the corner! As you prepare to get outside and entertain this summer, think about the areas in your backyard that may create a safety hazard….

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