Solid-strand aluminum wiring is an item which home inspectors are required to report on in WA State. Problems due to expansion and contraction with this type of wiring can cause overheating at connections between the wire and devices such as switches, receptacles (outlets), and lights. This is a potential fire hazard. The Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends two options: rewiring the house if the aluminum wiring is the older AA-1350 alloy (1965 through 1972) or installing copper wire (pig-tails) onto the ends of the aluminum wire. The copper wire is then connected to devices rated for copper wire connections, thus correcting the problem. Two approved connectors on the market are the: COPALUM connectors and AlumiConn connectors. The COPALUM connectors can only be installed by an approved electrician. The AlumiConn connectors can be purchased at home improvement stores and installed by any licensed electrician. If solid-strand aluminum wiring is found in a house, we recommend a licensed electrician evaluate the wiring and recommend the exact repairs needed.